Details : Tartaruga Design - hand-sculpted mantelpieces

For fifteen years, Tartaruga has brought its custom and standard hand-sculpted mantelpieces to families and projects all over the world. We can create anything that can be imagined using skilled practices that have been handed down over generations. Our exquisite fireplace mantel designs have shipped world wide to places such as Europe, Australia, and Bermuda. In North America, our mantelpieces can be found in cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Atlanta, Dallas, and states including Florida, Texas, New York, Georgia and California.

Over time, mantels have been given many names cast stone fireplace, stone fireplace surround, and stone chimney piece. Regardless of the vernacular, our hand-carved fireplaces are among the most intricate, elaborate and sculpturally correct European designs in the world. Our founder and sculptor, Luca Savazzi, regularly travels the world in search of inspiration for the most original mantelpiece collection available.
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Tartaruga Design - hand-sculpted mantelpieces
mantel piece cast stone , plumbing
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